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Abhijit Naskar is a celebrated Neuroscientist, Bestselling Author of 90+ books, World’s First Poet with 1000+ sonnets, and an untiring advocate of mental health and global harmony. As an expert on human behavior his contributions in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience have helped the world tackle the issues of mental illness, prejudice, hate, extremism, discrimination and systemic racism more effectively. He was born in Calcutta, India. His rejuvenating scientific philosophy of the mind has been lavishing human life and society with the colors and sweetness of awareness and  acceptance since its advent with his very first book “The Art of Neuroscience in Everything”.

Naskar’s work has been featured in Forbes, International Business Times, The Skeptic’s Guide to The Universe Podcast, The Sun, Coast Report Online, Colombo Telegraph, Arkansas Online, Latin Times, Patheos, Pioneer, Dainik Bhaskar, Tribune and many more.

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Neighborhood Humanitarian (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar | Himalayan Sonneteer

“Neighborhood Humanitarian (The Sonnet)

They ask me, why do I never run out of ideas!
It is because I never dwell in one culture.
Sometimes I’m North American, sometimes Latino,
Sometimes I’m South Indian, sometimes I am Turk.
When I run low on charge, I listen to Español,
When my sight gets foggy, I watch Cary and Jimmy.
Whenever I feel homesick, I listen to some Telugu,
Whenever my heart bleeds, I run straight to Turkey.
It is sort of a perpetual motion engine,
I empower the cultures, the cultures empower me.
If I am the world’s not-so-secret hometown human,
The world is my secret to my infinite electricity.
How, do you think, I became the neighborhood
humanitarian to every single person on earth!
It’s because I never glorified one culture over another.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Himalayan Sonneteer: 100 Sonnets of Unsubmission

Love her for all she is | Abhijit Naskar | Himalayan Sonneteer

“She is Crown (The Sonnet)

Love her for all she is,
Not just when she can please.
She is the crown of your life,
Not the fly of your jeans.

Love her for all she is,
Even when she hates herself.
If you can’t be the rock to her,
It is you who needs help.

Love her for all she is,
Be the cushion to her failure.
While all celebrate her triumph,
You celebrate her even in disaster.

Death can’t do you part if you’re never two.
Love is what turns two minds into one truth.”

“I Am Here (The Sonnet)

Look into my eyes,
I wanna listen to your silence.
Tell me of the storms unpassed,
I wanna be your expression express.
Tell me what you have been through,
Tell me of the heartaches unhealed.
Speak the pain you could never utter,
I am here, I am near, you are my priority!
I cannot promise you all the happiness,
Nor can I promise you eternal peace.
But if and when the sky crashes,
I shall be your human shield.
It’s okay if you come late to me.
I am here, I am near, I have come early.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Himalayan Sonneteer: 100 Sonnets of Unsubmission

Women Ain’t Hood Ornament (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar | Himalayan Sonneteer

“Women Ain’t Hood Ornament (The Sonnet)

Why should women have to give up,
Their name when they get married,
As if they are not real people,
But hood ornament to their husband!
Why should a child be identified only,
By their father’s name, not mother’s,
Who by the way is the root of creation,
Who is the actual almighty creator!
It is a sad state of affairs when,
Morons peddle moronity as tradition.
Shame on us for sustaining such savagery,
As we do not put our backbone to action!
Each couple must determine the parameters
of their relationship, not some ragged tradition.
Only norm that matters is love, for in love lies emancipation.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Himalayan Sonneteer: 100 Sonnets of Unsubmission

World’s First Poet with 1000 Sonnets | Abhijit Naskar Sonnetography (-2022) | Who wrote the most sonnets in history

Sense yourself till you sense nothing but love. Break yourself till each crack reflects the infinity of the heart.

Esperanza Impossible Sonnet 1 | Abhijit Naskar

“Esperanza Impossible Sonnet 1

Earth is but a bedlam,
All the beings are loonies.
We are so engrossed in prejudice,
Integration feels like blasphemy.
We still cannot live side by side,
We want it all for ourselves.
We won’t even move a single inch,
When it comes to our opinion and ways.
Selfishness, thy name is Sapiens,
Upon its norm we philosophize kindness.
We invented fancy terms like altruism,
Lest we’re infected with common humanness.
Humanity is too alive to be bound by ism.
Dead things can be dogmatized, not expansion.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Esperanza Impossible: 100 Sonnets of Ethics, Engineering & Existence

Qatar & The West (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar | Himalayan Sonneteer

“World domination is the ultimate white privilege.”

“Qatar & The West (The Sonnet)

All of a sudden the entire west is peeved at Qatar,
Because only the west has exclusive rights to exposure.
All of a sudden we care about the migrant workers,
The Afghans, Palestinians and Kashmiris no longer matter.
Human rights issue here is, we don’t care about human rights,
We only care about filling the air with hypocrisy and mania.
Our poster boy just dumped half his new workforce as garbage,
We buy Oscar, ditch Batgirl, and we diss Qatar for buying FIFA!
We are just peeved that the Arabs are showing off for a change,
Sure it’s unacceptable, since showing off is a western tradition.
Yes, it’s true that the Middle East reeks with human rights issues,
But it is also teeming with passion beyond western comprehension.
If you really care about human rights stick to a cause for more than a fortnight.
Otherwise keep your trap shut, lest you open and be proved a privileged white.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Himalayan Sonneteer: 100 Sonnets of Unsubmission

I’m Above The Law (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar | Himalayan Sonneteer

Above the policies, above the law, above the government, above the constitution, there is a higher principle, that is the principle of individual integrity, without which no matter how much policies and laws we create, we cannot ensure health, safety and sanity in the society.

“I’m Above The Law (The Sonnet)

Yes, I am above the law,
So is every single world builder.
It’s only the apes without brain who,
Are tamed by the medieval lawmaker.
If you are to be a civilized being,
It is your duty to rise above the law.
If you can’t tell right from wrong,
It is common sense you lack, not law.
It is nothing but a juvenile democracy,
That is founded on spineless law-abidance.
Civilized democracy instills accountability,
What it doesn’t demand is boneheaded obedience.
You have a heart, brain and spine, why not use them!
Stand up o citizen justice, and keep the law as servant.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Himalayan Sonneteer: 100 Sonnets of Unsubmission

Thus Speaks God (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar | Himalayan Sonneteer

Divinity is in every culture, But no culture is pure divinity. Human divided is human undivine, Hatelessness is civilized divinity.

“Thus Speaks God (The Sonnet)

Ik onkar, satnaam,
Porque, yo soy insan.
Aham bismillahsmi,
Çünkü, benim adım vicdan.
Sarva dharman parityajya,
Giving up all national grave,
Nos haremos vessels of verdad,
Rise we shall as sapiens brave.
Divinidad está en cada cultura,
But no culture is pure divinity.
Human divided is human undivine,
Hatelessness is civilized divinity.
Thus speaks God in tongue beyond tongues.
One vessel isn’t enough to contain my neurons.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Himalayan Sonneteer: 100 Sonnets of Unsubmission

No Pain, No Hope (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar | Himalayan Sonneteer

“No Pain, No Hope (The Sonnet)

Heavier the pain, greater the hope,
But the language of hope is not inaction.
Real hope brings a sense of responsibility,
Whereas imitation hope induces stagnation.

Heavier the pain, stronger the purpose,
But all purpose is fiction without footwork.
Real purpose does not let you sleep at night,
Imitation purpose keeps you aloof from work.

Crueler the punishment, braver the love,
It is no love that avoids punishment.
Only half lovers try to keep pain at bay,
Soaked in pain true lovers emerge triumphant.

Crazier the torture, sweeter the memories.
There is no character if there is no crisis.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Himalayan Sonneteer: 100 Sonnets of Unsubmission

Social Reform 101 (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar | Ingan Impossible

“Social Reform 101 (The Sonnet)

Brute force isn’t always the answer,
Sometimes you gotta be clever.
Naivety has its place, it keeps you humble,
Dealing with hyenas you gotta be a dinosaur.
I am not talking about size and appearance,
Appearance never brings any lasting change.
Here I am talking about the faculties within,
For corruption is defeated only by a hearty brain.
The best way to control the manipulator is,
To give them the illusion of control ‘n dominance.
To con the con-artist for the greater good,
Is not an act of con but an act of conscience.
Sentiment is good, but without wisdom it is plain stupid.
An activist fights the system, a reformer manipulates it.”
― Abhijit Naskar, Ingan Impossible: Handbook of Hatebusting

Latest Release

The Anti-Stereotype Sonnet

Black is not evil.
White is not trash.
Brown is not illegal.
Muslims don’t crash.
Women ain’t weak.
Jews ain’t greedy.
Men ain’t playboys.
Queer ain’t sickly.
Hijab is not oppression.
Hourglass ain’t beauty.
Faith is not delusion.
Atheists don’t lack morality.
Assumptions only reveal shallowness.
Beyond stereotypes lies humaneness.”
― Abhijit Naskar, I Vicdansaadet Speaking: No Rest Till The World is Lifted