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Abhijit Naskar is one of the world’s celebrated Neuroscientists, an International Bestselling Author of numerous books and a popular advocate of mental health and global harmony. He has revealed to the world how the basic awareness of the brain can completely redefine our perception of life and make our daily life much more cheerful and meaningful. His contributions in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience have helped the world tackle the issues of mental illness, prejudice, hate, extremism, discrimination and segregation more effectively. He was born in Calcutta, India. His rejuvenating scientific philosophy of the mind has been lavishing human life and society with the colors and sweetness of self-awareness and  acceptance since its advent with his very first book “The Art of Neuroscience in Everything”.


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Hurricane Humans (A Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar

Hurricane Humans (A Sonnet)

Come all ye misfits and rebels,
Let’s march to shatter the games.
Break all golden chains of comfort,
Let’s work forgetting our names.
Come all ye sneered and mocked,
We must burn as flames of unity.
Let’s turn into a human tsunami,
And wash away all hate and rigidity.
Hurricane humans we are o brethren,
Savagery no more is master to us.
The fountain of inclusion is our lifeblood,
We won’t let tradition break our universe.
Let’s finally build the kingdom of heaven,
With clay from our heart’s unifying Eden.

― Abhijit NaskarRevolution Indomable

Revolution Sonnet | Abhijit Naskar

Your silence is power to the savages. Don’t stay silent and turn into a revolution.

Revolution Sonnet

What is revolution you ask!

Revolution is an alarm,
To wake up the sleeping population.
Revolution is a weapon,
To fight tyranny and exploitation.
Revolution is a vaccine,
To prime the society against inhumanity.
Revolution is an insanity,
To humanize the paradigm of sanity.
Revolution is a tsunami,
To wash away all that’s foul and carnal.
Revolution is a tornado,
To weaken the grasp of the animal.
Whenever savages raise their fangs most appalling,
Be not a mute witness but a revolution sanctifying.

― Abhijit Naskar, Revolution Indomable

Break The Walls (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar

Break The Walls (The Sonnet)

Let’s break the walls my friend,
There ain’t no place for segregation no more.
Let’s break the distance my friend,
There ain’t no place for pettiness no more.
Let’s sing the song of victory,
There ain’t no place for savagery no more.
Let’s loosen the knots of tradition,
There ain’t no time for rigidity no more.
Don’t you hear the siren my friend,
Can’t you feel the rising sun!
Don’t you hear the footsteps of dawn,
It’s time to let go of all things barbarian.
Fear not the unknown and unexplored o friend of mine.
Let’s walk together opening doors to one humankind.

― Abhijit Naskar, When Call The People: My World My Responsibility

The Meaning of Medicine

Meaning of Medicine Naskar

What is medicine? And what is the practice of medicine? Is there really any difference between the two? Do not rush to a conclusion – let’s move slowly. Let’s think over the question. Let the question stir inside your mind. Aren’t the practitioner and the practice an organic manifestation of potential! As long as you think that there is a separation between you as a practitioner of medicine and the practice of medicine, you can never be a first class physician. The force of medicine, that is the force of wellness, must course through your veins like lifeblood, only then can you become a beacon of hope to the hopeless and a ray of help to the helpless.

You know what medicine means! MEDICINE means Mercy – Empathy – Dare – Integrity – Care – Ingenuity – Nobility – and Ethics. Now, from the outside these qualities may look different, but in practice they all are one force for good. Let’s investigate how. What is a human without mercy – not a human. What is a human without empathy – not a human. Likewise, all these qualities define the very existence of a true human being – they distinguish human life from animal life. Hence, any human who is a true human, automatically turns into a medicine for the society. And based on the paths chosen by these humans, they are termed differently. Some are called scientists – some are called teachers – some are called doctors – some are called cops – and so on.

Those who treat the darkness of the unknown, are called scientists – those who treat the ignorance in the budding minds, are called teachers – those who treat the darkness of ailments in individuals, are called doctors – those who treat the darkness of chaos in the society, are called cops – and so on. Each human being on this planet is a potential medicine, for each human being holds in their nerves the capacity to heal the wounds and sicknesses of our society.

And when it comes to being a doctor, the sickness is both metaphorical and physical. So, don’t be a doctor just to earn a living, for being a doctor is much more than just making a living – it’s about empowering others to start living. Remember, there is no such thing as just a physical sickness, for every sickness has much deeper and wider implications in the life of the person who’s sick and that of their family. A disease not only cripples an individual, it cripples a family. So, expand your mind from the narrow technicalities of diseases and treatments, only then you will be a first class doctor – only then you’ll be medicine incarnate.

Remember, you are not just a person in the lives of the sick, you are their hope – you are their help – you are the first monsoon cloud that they have been praying for in their draught infested lives. If your medical training turns you into a mean, egotistical, insensitive machine with merely a technical understanding of medicine, then you are anything but a doctor, for a doctor is not a walking encyclopedia of medical knowledge, a doctor is a gateway to wellness.

Now we must understand the meaning of wellness. I have said previously, wellness is not the lack of sickness, wellness is the capacity to overcome sickness. For example, symptoms of a sickness are not necessarily signs of weakness, rather they imply that your body is actively fighting the sickness. And when all the resources of the body fall short to fight the sickness, that’s when the real trouble begins. However, with the advancements in modern medicine we have been able to provide substantial aid to the body in its fight against sickness and avoid many of the lethal outcomes. And the advancements continue, thus becoming better with each passing day in fortifying life in its ever-going battle against disorder. And in this battle, scientists, doctors and nurses are the torchbearers.

You my friend are the one who is to hold the torch of wellness high with your spine upright, so that every sicknesses trembles at the very sight of you. However, hard as it may sound, we’ll always have sickness, for sickness adds value to wellness. A life without sickness is a life without wellness. So, don’t pursue the illusive idea of a diseasefree world, rather aim towards improving the quality of life. More than treating a sickness, try to empower life. Treating sickness is a very small portion of the grand picture of a well and healthy life. Hence, treatment of sickness is a part of Medicine, but it’s not the whole of Medicine. The day you realize this, is the day a revolutionary doctor is born.

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I, Corona Speaking (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar

I Corona Speaking Sonnet

I, Corona Speaking (The Sonnet)

Nature has been crying,
Yet you paid no heed.
Glaciers have been frying,
Yet you kept sleeping in greed.
Forests kept on burning,
Yet your eyes shed no tear.
Hurricanes kept on brewing,
Yet your luxuries didn’t disappear.
Hence my arrival, not to punish you,
But only to give a wake up call.
I haven’t come to lock you up,
But only to expose your downfall.
Now you know the horrors you committed,
I plea o wise ones live life illuminated.

Mad Wind (The Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar

Md Wind Sonnet

Mad Wind (The Sonnet)

Turn into a mad wind,
And blow away the rigidity.
Now the savagery must end,
To do that we must rise as almighty.
Turn into the monsoon rain,
And wash away all sickness.
Whenever a crisis arrives,
We must step up shredding all weakness.
Turn into a purifying wave,
And smoothen the thorns of argument.
Whenever rises differentiation,
We must become the bridge without bent.
The world is unstable and feeble with insecurity.
We must be its strength offering our soul as stability.
― Abhijit Naskar, When Call The People: My World My Responsibility

The Maker (Sonnet) | Abhijit Naskar

The Maker Sonnet

The Maker (Sonnet)

Step by step we’ll reach the mountaintop,
We’ll build roads penetrating impediments.
Bit by bit we’ll trash our conformities,
We’ll erect civilization upon reason and sentiments.
Day and night we’ll stand tall in service,
Through storm, rain, heat and gloom.
There’s no time for selfishness,
Being selfish would bring universal doom.
Sanity is in giving and caring,
It’s in every act of collective concern.
Because if you care only for the self,
Deserting your children your neighbors will run.
The world is our home and we must be its caretaker.
Comfort is luxury, it’s time we rise as the maker.
― Abhijit Naskar, When Call The People: My World My Responsibility

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