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Abhijit Naskar is one of the world’s celebrated Neuroscientists, an International Bestselling Author of numerous books and a popular advocate of mental wellness and global harmony. He has revealed to the world with his contributions in Science how the basic awareness of the brain can completely redefine our perception of life and make our daily life much more cheerful. He takes us on a fascinating investigative journey of understanding the human mind and its vivid features. He was born in Calcutta, India. His rejuvenating scientific philosophy of the mind has been lavishing human life with the colors and sweetness of self-awareness, since its advent with his very first book “The Art of Neuroscience in Everything”.


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Celebrated Neuroscientist and International Bestselling Author Abhijit Naskar gives a basic overview of the neurological underpinnings of what we call Awareness.


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On the Nature of Compassion

“Awake, O brave one! Arise, O lion-heart! Be the messenger that spreads compassion.” Thus goes the statement in one of my works. Now, one of the close observers of my work mentioned the other day that one cannot spread compassion. And yes – “observer” – that’s the word I choose to use in this context, nay, in all context of my work, because I distaste the word “follower”, for the word “follower” indicates loyalty – and loyalty destroys the life in existence. I don’t want loyalty from you – all I want is for you to think with me.


So, let’s think together over the very nature of compassion and whether one can actually spread compassion. And I say think, not criticize or debate about – just think – as we always do – you and me thinking together, and perhaps learning some new things, about ourselves as well the world we live in.

What is compassion – is it kindness – is it sympathy – is it empathy! What is compassion! Bring your mind into action – bring all those thoughts out – make them work, right now and think. What makes us humans! We breathe air in from around us – we consume nutrition from mother nature, in the form of food and water – we copulate and reproduce to keep our genetic heritage alive through time – but is this enough to make us humans! Because, if breathing, eating, copulating and reproducing – these make us humans, then the dogs on the streets would be as much humans as we are – but surely we are not like the dogs – we are different from the dogs – and indeed  from any other animal on earth. So, what does distinguish us, from other animals!

Technically we are animals, in terms of biological sciences – but we are not going into these technicalities – we are trying to go deep into the understanding of the very nature of compassion and what makes us humans. Think – why are we different from the animals! We are different from the animals because, unlike the animals we can recognize our errors – we can recognize our shortcomings – we can recognize our mistakes – and then think about them and act accordingly in order to eliminate them from our characteristics and become better (the animals do have traces of this trait but only enough to avoid danger and ensure survival). Now what would you call this very process of recognizing our shortcomings and mistakes and becoming better! Isn’t this the thing we call “awareness” – “self-awareness”. There is nothing mystical in all this – there’s no mystical mumbo-jumbo is involved here – just plain ordinary awareness – awareness of ourselves – of our thoughts – of our emotions – of our behavior. And the more we are aware of ourselves – the more we get to be truly humans – because without that awareness, we are just the same as the animals.

That very awareness makes you think that when you are kind to others, it would create a humane world – perhaps not for yourselves, but for your children and their children. So, with awareness we begin – we take that first step towards eliminating the distance between two people – you and the other. So, in the truest sense of the term, when awareness rises from the human mind, the distance among the humans vanishes, thus rises oneness – in that oneness lies true compassion – in that oneness lies true union of all humanity.  That union doesn’t even need the word “compassion” to explain itself, because you would by your very nature, be kind to the other person, as you would not see that other person as a different person, but simply an image of yourself. All humans are images of your own self – once you recognize this simple fact, there would no longer be any hatred – there would no longer be any prejudice in the world – there will simply be compassion – there will simply be kindness. When that oneness rises – compassion will not need human efforts to be spread, because oneness is compassion – compassion is kindness – kindness is empathy – empathy is morality – morality is spirituality – and spirituality is religion – all these terms are created by humans without them even being aware of the fact that it all comes down to one simple sense of oneness.


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Real Sanatana Dharma

Hinduism – this is a term which has, in reality, nothing to do with the religion it refers. In fact, the people who follow that religion referred by the term Hinduism, do not even have a clue what that religion really is and where its fundamental roots lie. That religion is originally called Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Duty/Religion. However, do not focus too much on the words here, because these words that are used to point a religion are all shallow with no practical implication in modern society whatsoever. People take the words to be the real thing and forget to ask the question – what that real thing might be – that real religion might be! They have made a mess of this world in their attempt of proving their unshakable loyalty to certain words. So, let’s go beyond words and ask the question what real Sanatana Dharma is, instead of believing what the deluded and power-hungry priests of the Hindu society have been imposing on a people as religion for ages.

“Sarva-dharmān parityajya mām ekaṁ śaraṇaṁ vraja ahaṁ tvāṁ sarva-pāpebhyo mokṣayiṣyāmi mā śucaḥ.”
Or to put in simple language, real sanatana dharma or real eternal religion is the religion that’s not a religion – a religion without doctrines, without the need of a thousand scriptures, without the need of a million illusory gods, goddesses and messiahs. That’s Real Hinduism without all the illusory and imaginary 33 million Gods and Goddesses for you to show your childish obedience to, and in fact, that is real Christianity – that is Buddhism – that is every single religion on earth that has ever done any good to the world.
Religion means liberation from doctrines, rituals and illusory gods, messiahs, prophets and trinities of organized institutions – religion means liberation from all labels – religion means liberation from all self-centric activity – religion means liberation from all egotistical pride and every form of tribal loyalty. One cannot understand religion, in the truest sense of the term, unless one is genuinely willing to give up the so-called religious identity that has been imposed on him or her by his or her culture. That’s what the ancient Indian philosopher Vyasa intended to refer to in the above shloka, but the authoritarian Hindu priests turned it into a potential tool for controlling the ignorant people of the Indus Valley Civilization and started preaching that one cannot attain God unless one renounces all religions and becomes a Hindu.
The truth is, you can attain the great ultimate godliness, only when you renounce all petty sectarian identities of religions, including the so-called identity of Hinduism. And once you do, you no longer are a Hindu or a Christian or a Jew or a Buddhist, in the common sense of the terms, yet at the same time you become the ultimate combined manifestation of all those terms – a manifestation of pure divinity with actions of compassion and kindness being the tools for real worship. And that my friend is Real Sanatana Dharma, Real Christianity, Real Buddhism all together.
In simple terms, it is only when you stop calling yourself a Hindu, that you rise as a true Hindu, it is when you stop calling yourself a Christian, you rise as a true Christian, it is when you stop calling yourself a Buddhist, you rise as true Buddhist. As long as the label of an organized institution, created by orthodox barbarians, holds more value to you than the necessity of everyday human kindness, than the necessity of true compassion, than the necessity of true liberation, you can never in a million years become religious. So, shred the labels and rise as a human being – a human being of compassion, a human being of kindness, a human being with real psychological freedom.
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Indifference to Global Warming will destroy your children

You know the weird feeling that you have been getting recently, that the weather is constantly changing. It’s not what it used to be when you were a kid. That’s because we the humans have messed things up on this planet. I know it’s a hard fact to grasp, but be with me on this for a while as I elaborate. Global warming, that’s what we will address in this brief piece, while providing the most effective means to actually treat it. But of course, I am only going to show you the means, but in the end, it is up to you, to either practise or not practise them. But the point is, if you don’t practise them, you may die without actually facing the wrath of mother nature, but your children and grandchildren will surely suffer for your mistakes and callousness. And this is not a prediction, rather a fact.

Sli (1)-01.jpeg

Let me give you an example. Imagine there is a bottle of poison on the desk. What do you think will happen, if you bring the bottle down and drink the poison! You know the answer right! You see it as a fact, that if you drink it, you surely will bid goodbye to life. Similar is the matter of global warming. If you stay indifferent and don’t act to treat it, then it’s your descendants who shall have to bid goodbye to their life.

Global warming is happening right at this very moment, as you are reading this piece – deal with it. It’s not a prediction or a matter of the future any more. And some of you may think that, there’s nothing to worry, for all humans will eventually move to MARS. Well, here is the news for you. Science does not yet have the means to colonize an entire planet and make it suitable for human living, no matter how much some privately owned space agencies boast about it. Also, when we actually develop the technology to visit MARS, may be in a century or perhaps more, the trip is not going to be available to everyone. Only the richest will get a chance, to simply visit MARS, and not to live there. To actually live on MARS, it’ll take many millennia. So, for the countless millennia to come, Mother Earth is going to be our only place to live – the place called home.

Now here is a shocking fact, since Earth is our only home, which is actually currently in danger, in the coming centuries, this only home is going to become less and less suitable for living. Hence, your children and their children will have nowhere to go. The only factual future that awaits your progeny, is a horrible death. All because you do not feel responsible enough to take actions to treat the damaged home you live in. You will die after living a comfortable life, but the life of your kids and grandkids will be full of misery, because, you think, global warming is not an urgent enough issue to pay attention to. So, pay attention, while there is still time.

To treat our own Mother Nature we need to conserve her wellness, which means, we need to take every single measure that can promote her well-being. Every single measure that I am going to mention now, has utter significance in reducing the rate of global warming and slowly restoring a healthy environment around us.

Global warming is largely cause by greenhouse gas emissions. By taking actions that effect in reducing the greenhouse gas emission that you contribute in your personal life, you can take a real stand against global warming. All you need to do is change your consumption habits and be efficient. Consume as less energy as possible, in any manner possible. Driving is the biggest ways people contribute to global warming. So, by minimizing driving, you can make a huge impact on Mother Earth. Here are some measures that you can take to minimize driving. Carpool to work with others. This not only reduces greenhouse gas emission, but also strengthens social bond. Use public transportation whenever possible, or ride a bike. If you own a car, then make sure that you maintain it regularly. This makes the car emit less greenhouse gas. Also, to reduce power consumption, replace the old incandescent light bulbs at home to compact fluorescent or LED bulbs. Especially LED bulbs are the most efficient so far, and can save a lot of power, also they are brighter than the old incandescent bulbs. This simple act of yours will not only reduce energy consumption but also it’ll reduce your electricity bill.

These are the very simple few steps that you can take right after you finish reading this article. You are not required to read thousands of books on global warming to make a real contributing in treating that global warming. It only takes the simple sense of responsibility. Do you feel that responsibility my friend? Do you? If you do, then start acting right now – at this very moment, and a few other humans around you will automatically learn from your actions and feel responsible enough to do their part as well. You cannot tell them to be responsible, you can only show them, how it is like to be responsible through your actions.

I beg you my dear sibling – please act – don’t stay silent and indifferent any more, to the agonies of Nature, because the agonies of Nature are getting worse and they’ll destroy the very elements of wellness and joy in the life of your own children and grandchildren. Your indifference would only worsen the situation, so awake, arise and act – act not just for the rights of the humans but for the rights of Nature as well, because without the fundamental rights of wellness and peace restored in the heart of Mother Nature, humans will not have a home to rejoice their rights – their unity and their uniformity.

Why be Kind | Abhijit Naskar

If I give you two possible worlds to choose from, in which you would like your children and grandchildren to live, which one would you choose – a world filled with hatred and discrimination, or a world where the humans care about their fellow humans beyond the petty little man-made labels of religion, race, nationality, intellect, gender etc.!

We do not need to make efforts and be kind in order to keep Nature running, she can do that quite well and far better than us herself, in fact, it’d benefit Nature, if suddenly the humans were to disappear. It is us who need Nature in order to exist, not the other way around.

We must stand on the side of kindness, goodness, compassion and conscience, not to keep the processes in Nature functioning, but because if we don’t, the environment that we would be giving our future generations, would be no different than the violent and lethal environment of the wild. Hence, our kindness would make no difference to Nature whatsoever, rather it would simply be a selfish yet humanely necessary act on our part, that we must carry out to create a humane environment for the human species.

Upon the kindness of us humans, the fate of humanity is predicated, not the fate of Nature. We are born in a world filled with hatred and discrimination, hence it is our existential responsibility as sentient and conscientious beings to contribute in the elimination of such discrimination and hatred. Kindness of ours in our daily walks of life, shall pave the path for a truly humane society for our children and grandchildren to live in.

The Power is in You | Abhijit Naskar

All powers are already vested in you, by Mother Nature, through the process of Natural Selection. All you need to do is simply be aware of them – be aware of your own capacities. “Remember, even if the whole world turns against you, until you agree, no failure, no crisis, no obscurity can win over you, for you are pure conscience – conscience that does not go numb in times of mind-numbing miseries – conscience that does not go blind in times of utter darkness – conscience that does not get paralized in times of paralizing pain.” (Conscience over Nonsense, 2018)

“O my brave Almighty Human, with the ever-effulgent flow of courage, conscience and compassion, turn yourself into a vivacious humanizer, and start walking with bold footsteps while eliminating racism, terminating misogyny, destroying homophobia and all other primitiveness that have turned humanity into the most inhuman species on earth.” (I Am The Thread: My Mission, 2017)

“You are the heirs of infinite love and light. Come out my friend. Come out from the narrow lanes of darkness. Come out into the vivacious light of the day where all the glory resides. Come out, O lions, and shake off the ancient mysticism and prejudices. You are the most fascinating expression of Mother Nature. Your soul is the expression of the whole Universe. All the power in the universe is born with you in your biology. Recognize them, realize them and ultimately utilize them in the pursuit of spreading love, harmony and peace.” (The Islamophobic Civilization: Voyage of Acceptance, 2017)

Be aware of yourself, my friend, and you shall become a true being of power – a true being of shakti – a being with the nerves of steel and heart of honey. And the world is in dire need of your powers. “It needs gigantic strong wills in front of which even the mountains will be crumbled.” (Principia Humanitas, 2017)

So, be the mountain my friend, and trump all misery with your bold, brave and conscientious footsteps.

Land beyond Labels | A Naskar

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